Lena Vöcklinghaus, M.A.

Research Assistant


The practices of author’s live performances

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Live performances in the literary field are commonly seen as mere tools for book-marketing and by-products of the author’s performance: both the public and academic discourses rarely focus on literary performances as artistic products. Nevertheless, there is a growing number and differentiation of literary performances in the contemporary German literary field: performances of poets with spoken word background, groups with performative, collective authorship, and readings commissioned by agents prove that literary products beyond the published work indeed exist and are growing in number. I argue that along with this development, new strategies of writing and performing authorship are emerging. Which poetological concepts, which practices of performing authorship, which self-conception goes along with being a poet with a mostly performative background? My dissertation project intends to engage with these questions by developing a research concept with a combination of methods from literary, theatre, and the social sciences. Subsequently, select literary live performancces as artistic products will be accompanied, documented, and analyzed in this framework.

October 2012 until September 2015: Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Hildesheim

March 2013 until March 2015: Editor of the literary magazine „BELLA triste“

2014: Curatorial and organizational head of the literary festival PROSANOVA (www.prosanova.net)

Winter semester 2013/2014: Teaching Assistant at the University of Hildesheim (subjects: contemporary and postcolonial German literature)

August 2010 until September 2011: Exchange Student at the Universidad Nacional de Bogotá, Colombia

October 2009 until September 2012: Master’s programme in Sociocultural Studies at the University of Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder

October 2005 until June 2008: Undergraduate studies in Sociology and Cultural Philosophy at the University of Mannheim

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