Kevin Kempke, M.A.

Research Assistant


The Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics – Institution, Genre, History (working title)

My Dissertation on the Chair of Poetics at the University of Frankfurt approaches both the institution and the genre of “Lectures on poetics” in terms of historical und systematic aspects. Founded in 1959, the Frankfurt Lectures on Poetics have since become a preeminent form of the self-reflection of German literature and serve as a model for the great number of similar Chairs of Poetics at German universities. Despite the importance of lectures on poetics as a literary form and as a focal point of literature, the literary scene and academia, scholars have largely ignored them. Therefore, my project will examine fundamental aspects of these lectures regarding form (e.g. the role of the verbal and the written form, paratexts and concepts of the literary work, scenes of writing vs. scenes of performance), and include model analyses of selected lectures, aiming at an understanding of the history of the genre and the authors’ and readers’ specific expectations of these lectures. Using a poetological and sociological approach, I will also discuss the programmatic focus of the Frankfurt Chair of Poetics, its role as a consecrating authority. I will then discuss the function the lectures have for authors in terms of the aesthetics of their work and the way they present themselves in the media.

2012 to 2016: Research Assistant for Prof. Ruth Florack and Adj.Prof. Dr. Katja Mellmann (2015/16)

2009 to 2015: Study of German Philology and Political Sciences at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

2011 to 2012: Traineeship in cultural management at Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen

Since 2013: Host of literary events at Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen and Literaturherbst Göttingen

Since 2013: Co-Founder and host of the independent event series “Kellerkultur”
Journalistic contributions for and litlog.

Heimat und Neubeginn. Die Wiedervereinigung in Tagebüchern von Walter Kempowski und Günter Grass. In: Philipp Böttcher/Kai Sina (Hg.): Walter Kempowskis Tagebücher. Selbstausdruck – Poetik – Werkstrategie. Edition text + kritik, München 2014, S. 160-176. [zusammen mit Anna-Marie Humbert]

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