Alexandru Bulucz, M.A.

Research Assistant

Concepts of literature, criticism and literary criticism in the complete works of Wolfang Hilbig (Working Title)

Alexandru BuluczIn Abriß der Kritik Wolfgang Hilbig examines the ‘ever-changing, barely intelligible modernity’, its literary history and literary criticism. This notion also frames all of his literary works. The Frankurt Poetics Lectures that Hilbig held in the first half of the year 1995 deal with his life as a writer from the former GDR, the concept of literature and the state of literary criticism in Germany. The lectures can be considered as groundbreaking and influence all of his subse-quent literary work.  Chronologically, they mark the midpoint of the public attention he re-ceived as a poet and prose writer, which began with the receipt of the Brüder-Grimm-Award of the city of Hanau for Abwesenheit. Gedichte (Frankfurt am Main 1979) and Unterm Neumond. Erzählungen (Frankfurt am Main 1982), and ended with his early death in 2007. This dissertation aims at a systematic reading of „Abriß der Kritik“ with regard to his concepts of literature, criticism and literary criticism. In the light of these concepts I will then explore his complete works. The challenge of interpreting Hilbig’s literature will not lie in using different literary theories, but exploring his work according to the limits and rules that he himself has determined. By setting the limits and explaining the rules of his own work process in Abriß der Kritik, he opens the doors to his personal workshop. I will explore the question whether his literary works keep the promises he makes in his critical work or whether his workshop open up yet another workshop.

Since 2011: Co-Publisher of the literary magazine „Otium“

Since 2014: Editor of literature and philosophy at the online portal „Faust-Kultur“

Since 2014: Freelance translator of philosophical and literary texts from
French and Romanian to German

Since 2015: Editor of the philosophical conversations series „Einsichten im Dialog“ in „EditionFaust“

2016: M.A. in German Studies under Prof. Dr. Eva Geulen and Prof. Dr. Christian Wiese. Thesis: „Erzwungener Messianismus. Gershom Scholems Sabbatai Zwi und Jacob Taubes’ Paulus und Marcion“


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and Dieter Henrich: Sterbliche Gedanken, Frankfurt am Main 2015 (= Einsichten im Dialog I).

and Peter Strasser: Der Tanz um einen Mittelpunkt, Frankfurt am Main 2015 (= Einsichten im Dialog II).

and Hans-Jörg Rheinberger: Die Farben des Tastens, Frankfurt am Main 2015 (= Einsichten im Dialog III).

Aus sein auf uns. Gedichte, Florian Voß (ed.), München 2016 (= Lyrikedition 2000).


Jean-Luc Nancy: Die Mit-Teilung der Stimmen, Berlin and Zürich 2014.

Alexandru Vona: Vitralii. Frühe Gedichte und Prosa 1940–1947, Frankfurt am Main 2014.

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