"What is the Contemporary in Contemporary Literature?" – Conference Documentation

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From 9th to 10th November 2017, SCHREIBSZENE FRANKFURT hosted the international conference “What is the Contemporary in Contemporary Literature?” at Goethe University of Frankfurt. Here you can find a list of select conference contributions for which audio recordings in Enlish language exist. Below you will also find the link to the e-book containing the results of the academic book sprint, produced during the conference proceedings.


Presentations on the Contemporary


Innokentij Kreknin (Dortmund):
‚Reading someone’s life‘. How digital life narratives transcend literature and the téchne of being and create a new temporality


Laura McAleese/Lena Vöcklinghaus (Frankfurt):
We have a live situation. Ethnographic Approaches to Contemporary Literature Studies


Holger Schulze (Copenhagen):
Ubiquitous Literature: Towards A Poetics of Particles in Early 21st Century-Literature


Christian Spies (Frankfurt):
The Art Work’s Afterlife. Revised Concepts of Historicity since the late 1960s



In the collaborative academic book sprint , three authors recorded  the conference proceedings from different perspectives and in different genres of writing. The results were published immediately as an e-book and presented in the closing remarks of the conference.

You can download the free e-book on the homepage of publisher Mikrotext here.

Contributions by Sonja Lewandowski, Moritz Klenk und Yevgeniy Breyger; edited by Nikola Richter.

The e-book is predominantly in German.